All her life, NYC musician, composer and music instructor, Therina Bella dreamed of starting a collaborative all girl band that would kick ass. Dolltits is her dream come true. With the help of her two musician friends Magie Serpica (a tattoo artist and painter) and Barbara Russo (a PR agent) Dolltits pens personal, poignant, quirky, funny and often times snarky acoustic “cuntry punk” songs about their lives and personal struggles.

“The three of us each suffered through some very unfortunate individual circumstances at the start of 2015, Dolltits was a way for us to take our misfortune and the destruction that we endured in our personal lives and turn that negativity into something creative, therapeutic and ultimately extremely fun and entertaining for us.” Therina explains.

“Dolltits is probably the most positive thing I could have ever done for myself in my life right now.” Magie admits. “I feel empowered.”

The first time the band sat down to play, they described it as “magical”. “We just clicked immediately. That is rare in the music world.” Barbara Russo says.

“We want to be a positive influence not just for each other, but for women and girls everywhere. We try to tackle serious issues in our songwriting like domestic violence, rape, eating disorders but balance all of that darkness with singing silly songs too about revenge schemes, baby otters and an abundance of cats.” Therina says.

Dolltits is currently writing and recording their debut full length album due out in Spring 2016.